What our teachers say

Sara is the perfect person to deliver this training-calm, sensitive and professional. Thank you :)

A great session with lots of information about anxiety. It was lovely to see the story and learn more about it. 

Very interesting. Learnt a lot in one session on a subject I was unfamiliar with. 

Great introduction into anxiety in children, looking forward to session 2.

Great session.

Sara is very knowledgeable and has provided some very useful insights and strategies to use. 

A great session to help develop an understanding of anxiety. The signs and causes to look for the ways we can all help children through these anxieties

Training was eye-opening not only just about children's anxiety but also for my own worries it highlighted that anxiety is about understanding and not feeding worries. You are in control of your own worries. 

Fantastic training which helped us as a school to move forward with our approach to supporting anxious children. 

An approachable and knowledgable professional, Sara dispels the myths surrounding anxiety and presents useful, non-threating resources that can be used straight away and will make a real difference with our children.

Sara has a wealth of knowledge and tried and tested techniques, which I'm sure will help some of our children and families. 

This was a wonderful insight into working with young people suffering from anxiety and how as practitioners we can help.

Sara was so knowledgable and informative. It is wonderful to see the commitment she has to sharing her knowledge to benefit our children and families.